Going on Hiatus

We are going on hiatus so the last few entries of the Rats of Tanglethorn will be delayed. This also affects the publication of the Armatelorum delaying it by a week or two. The reason is that we are currently in the process of moving to temporary digs. Other projects scheduled for this year will be delayed by about a month but so far, that is the limit of the impact on our publishing schedule. Regular posts will start back up in about two to three weeks if all goes well. However, regular site management and maintenance will be unaffected.

Inquiries during this time may also experience a delay in reply as well as any associated social media. The hiatus will last around two weeks and after that, another may follow when moving into a permanent location.

In the meantime, we hope you will continue to follow our posts, browse our archives, and patronize our publications.


Robert A. Neri Jr.

Brief Announcement for Jan. 19

Well, there a few things we’re dealing with this week:

No Blog Entry

Sorry, no blog entry this week due to the work on the Arvan: Land of Dragons book taking precedence. I’m also dealing with the pirating of my work. Note that next week the blog may also be on hold as well. There is material there (straight from my GM notebook which is about half full at this point) its just that I don’t have time to decipher, copy, and storify it. The process of which takes about 2 to 3 days per entry.

Dealing with Piracy Issues

You’d think with how low my sales are why anyone would try to pirate my stuff but dealing with it I am (this isn’t the first time either). They’ve apparently converted the CRB into another format and are selling it without my permission or even prior knowledge. So I’m going through the process of issuing take-downs on the site selling the pirate copies.

Other Projects in the Planning Stage

However, on a more positive note I am also setting up for another project dealing with dwarves and their realm (using the Tabletop Meditations #13 as a starting point) as well as preparing for the Monster Magnus Vol. II and the Great Grimoire Vol. II. for which a great portion of the writing is finished. There is also material for other projects (Such as a Monster Magnus III) but those are far off at this point.

Arvan Release Date February 15th

Arvan is pretty much on schedule for its February 15th PDF release date. So look for that in February on RPGNow.com and DriveThruRPG.com.

Expanding Our Market Presence

Ranger Games Publishing is also trying to expand our brand onto new marketplaces. Look for our products in other places in the future! Very shortly we should be available on the OpenGamingStore.com!



Brilliant Botanics #1 – Manfruit Tree

The mystical Manfruit tree, a pregenerated supernatural plant for Dice & Glory that adds a legendary element to a campaign. Especially if it’s revealed as the ultimate treasure or final goal. Also these trees are extremely tough though like mundane trees they are unable to take offensive actions. Additionally they are physically tough and can take certain passive actions to resist damage.

Brilliant Botanics can be used at the discretion of Game-Masters to add variety to their game worlds easily and quickly. The Manfruit tree is fleshed out enough for GM’s to drop them into game-sessions without any prep-work beyond reading the document. Finally, Manfruit trees are a great addition to any GM’s bag of tricks & treasure.

Brilliant Botanics also includes a brief Magic Abstract describing how mages may use these supernal vegetables in their spells and potions as components.

Brilliant Botanics #1 – 583k

Inspired by the Chinese literary classic Journey to the West!

New Website Launch & Second Edition

Well, the new website launch is going well but will probably under construction for a while. The Core Rule book will go into a Second Edition. It will change the rules for Uncanny Powers along with some re-editing and artwork changes. The new edition will be completely compatible with the current editions each of which will also be re-edited in the coming months. The Arvan setting is progressing rapidly as the writing is drawing to a close, so the next phase will be the artwork.

With the second edition of the core rule book we are also preparing a Player’s Handbook. I will reprint some of the chapters in the Core Rule Book and collect some from the Character Codexes. It will guide players through character generation step-by-step and serve as a reference for players.

We also have updated and polished our Trademark, as you can seen on this very website. We’re also working on getting new cover artwork for the published books. Due to how busy we are the website will probably take some time to complete. Apologies for its current state of disarray. I know its ugly but its unfinished and it will, hopefully, be completed within the next month.