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FAQ About Dice & Glory

  1. What is Dice & Glory?

It is a universal tabletop roleplaying game system published by Ranger Games Publishing. The aim of the game is to give Players and Game-Masters as many creative options as possible without the game being too rules heavy. It primarily relies on a D20 mechanic especially where the skills system is concerned though there are other mechanics integrated where appropriate.

Here’s a review that best sums it up though it is for the Revised Edition, the 2nd Edition has tighter rules but the creative potential is the same: Tabletop Review – Dice & Glory by Ken Ellis

In addition, here’s a blog entry as to the motives behind the design of Dice & Glory: Design Motives Behind Dice & Glory by Robert A. Neri Jr.

2. What is Dice & Glory about?

It is a core rules system and so it can be about anything you want it to be. The Core Rulebook (RGS1001) is just that, only rules. The rules and a world setting are not mashed together as in other games. The Dice & Glory game relies on the creative power of the Game Master to manufacture their own world via the rules. There are also other publications that present pre-generated material available for Game Masters to simply drop certain elements into their games and worlds with little to no effort on their part such as the Character Codex, Great Grimiore, and Monster Magnus series of books. Currently there is a single world setting, Arvan: Land of Dragons (RGS1009), which is a completely pregenerated world setting in a single book.

3. Is Dice & Glory a good game for beginners?

Not really, it is somewhat more complex than many other tabletop role-playing games though beginners have played D&G as their first tRPG game.

4. Is Dice & Glory an SRD/OGL based game system?

No, the game was not designed to be particularly compatible with the D20-system though it does use a 20-sided die primarily for conflict resolution. It does use the most popular names for character attributes and certain rolls for the benefit of those already familiar with those terms (such as Strength/STR, etc.).

FAQ About Ranger Games Publishing

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