Going on Hiatus

We are going on hiatus so the last few entries of the Rats of Tanglethorn will be delayed. This also affects the publication of the Armatelorum delaying it by a week or two. The reason is that we are currently in the process of moving to temporary digs. Other projects scheduled for this year will be delayed by about a month but so far, that is the limit of the impact on our publishing schedule. Regular posts will start back up in about two to three weeks if all goes well. However, regular site management and maintenance will be unaffected.

Inquiries during this time may also experience a delay in reply as well as any associated social media. The hiatus will last around two weeks and after that, another may follow when moving into a permanent location.

In the meantime, we hope you will continue to follow our posts, browse our archives, and patronize our publications.


Robert A. Neri Jr.

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