Well, this is the place where the errors in our texts will be put with their corrections. Each text will have its own distinct section with a list following of errors and their corrections.

The Core Rulebook (RGS1001)

  • Cost to Brew a Potion – Under the Alchemy skill description in Chapter 4 pg. 43 the cost to brew a potion is listed in Table 4-1: The Alchemy Skill Table as 100 gp x casting DC per dose. This should be listed as 10 gp x casting DC per dose.
  • Carry Weight – In Table 13-1 the column labeled Lift Weight should be labeled Carry Weight.

The Great Grimoire Vol. I (RGS1002)

  • Alchemist’s Stone spell – This spell IS a Spell of Legend although the descriptor tag next to the method is missing.
  • Alchemical Gold and Alchemical Silver spells in the Random Spell Tables – Currently they are listed in the random roll table for Ritual Magic but should appear in the Spells of Legend table. A workaround for this is to simply ignore these spells when rolling randomly for a ritual spell. The workaround for the Spell of Legend table is if Alchemist’s Stone is rolled to roll the percentiles again where 01-32 Alchemist’s Stone, 33-65 Alchemical Gold, and 66-00 Alchemical Silver.
  • Force Ram Spell – Concerning Crushing Damage – When targets are pushed into a barrier and suffer crushing damage they take the caster’s Spell Strength in H.P. Damage (similar to the Constriction and Grapple maneuvers and rules, CRB Ch.6, pgs. 69 & 70), which also adheres to the Crushing Damage rules (CRB Ch.5, pg.64). This is because the Caster’s Spell Strength does for all intense purposes become the basis for all normally STR-based checks and damages when using this spell.
  • Sub-Table C: Materials – pg.235. On results 33-36 on the table it references “roll once on sub-table E for invulnerability”. It should refer to Part III: Sub-Table B.

The Character Codex Vol. I (RGS1003)

  • Instances of Speak with Animals spell – All mentions of this spell should be replaced with the Communicate with Animals spell found in the Great Grimoire Vol.I (RGS1002) page 43.
  • Instances of the Control Animals spell – All instances of this spell should be replaced with a modification of the Control Plant spell found in the Great Grimoire Vol.I (RGS1002) page 48 where the Magic Effect becomes Mind Control and the Saving Throw becomes Will.

The Players’ Handbook (RGS1004)

  • Cost to Brew a Potion – As under the Core Rulebook above.

The Monster Magnus Vol.I (RGS1006)

  • Giant Ground Sloth animal entry – Instances of Weapon Specialization should be substituted with the Weapon Mastery feat.

The Character Codex Vol. III (RGS1007)

  • Sword Master class ability – pg.20. Listed under the ability for the feats gained at specific levels through the Sword Master ability it says “Level 3: Quick Draw” but it should be at Level 2 as in the Sword Saint table. So, it should read Level 2: Quick Draw matching the table info.
  • Under Table 12-2: Weapon & Armor Reference Table Cont’d pg.95. The D.R. for the Shan Pattern Scale and Silk Armor currently have the parenthesis () demarcating vulnerabilities when they should be brackets [] demarcating a special resistance as described in the CRB pg.94. This error is corrected in the Armatelorum (RGS1010)

The Character Codex Vol. IV (RGS1008)

  • Blood Magus Spells Per Day – As Channeled Magic Blood Magic can be cast CON + Blood Magus Specialist Class Level per day.
  • Whirling Attack class ability – pg.28. Replaces Dancer’s Grace (+1) at Level 8. The Dancer’s Grace bonus is +1 at level 16, +2 at level 23, and +3 at level 29.