Brilliant Botanics #1 – Manfruit Tree

The mystical Manfruit tree, a pregenerated supernatural plant for Dice & Glory that adds a legendary element to a campaign. Especially if it’s revealed as the ultimate treasure or final goal. Also these trees are extremely tough though like mundane trees they are unable to take offensive actions. Additionally they are physically tough and can take certain passive actions to resist damage.

Brilliant Botanics can be used at the discretion of Game-Masters to add variety to their game worlds easily and quickly. The Manfruit tree is fleshed out enough for GM’s to drop them into game-sessions without any prep-work beyond reading the document. Finally, Manfruit trees are a great addition to any GM’s bag of tricks & treasure.

Brilliant Botanics also includes a brief Magic Abstract describing how mages may use these supernal vegetables in their spells and potions as components.

Brilliant Botanics #1 – 583k

Inspired by the Chinese literary classic Journey to the West!

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