About Us

We are a small independent publisher of the Dice & Glory pen and paper tabletop role-playing game and its supplemental Contact us Shieldmaterials. We strive to provide quality game supplements at a low price. Currently our products are available through Lulu.com, DriveThruRPG, and Amazon.com. We hope to publish other materials in the future which may include fiction, comics, and swag such as t-shirts and dice bags.

Ranger Games Publishing is owned by Robert A. Neri Jr. and is a sole proprietorship. We do not currently have regular employees nor positions available at this time. We do however work on a contract basis with writers, artists, and designers when these services are required for a specific project. We are based out of Southern California but the company exists solely on the internet with no actual physical presence or location. We do not accept unsolicited work, it will be rejected without consideration.

All artwork and written material on this website including any excerpts or artwork used originating from original works by Robert A. Neri Jr. and/or published by Ranger Games Publishing including the William Tell Death’s Head Medallion Device are copyright¬†¬© Robert A. Neri Jr. all rights reserved and may not be used without explicit written permission unless otherwise explicitly stated.

If you want to know anymore about us or our products feel free to simply Contact Us!