The Character Codex IV

The editing and artwork are FINALLY done and the Character

Cover Art by Brian Brinlee
Cover Art by Brian Brinlee

Codex IV: Book of Unconventional Character Classes is soon to be released! Among those classes that can be found within the new Character Codex’s pages are the Dragon-Blood Warrior, the Leatherneck, the Leopard-man, Skull-Cleavers, Bookworms, High Sages, and Zombie Creepers! The PDF release date is Aug.29 on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. With a print edition to follow shortly after through! Keep an eye out!

Character Codex III Released!!!

The Character Codex III: The Book of Eastern CHaracter Codex III CoverFantasy Character Classes for the Dice & Glory rpg system was released yesterday. The book is 100 pages with character classes drawn from Japanese, Chinese, middle-eastern and to a lesser extent Indian lore & history.

The book has over 50 specialist character classes, NPC tables based on some of those classes for easy NPC reference for Game Masters and 23 forms of stylized martial arts. There is also a large section on the ancient weapons of the east with pre-generated stats for each.

The pdf version is available now at RPGNow and will be available in a printed edition September 1 2014!!!

New Website Launch & Second Edition

Well, the new website launch is going well but will probably under construction for a while. The Core Rule book will go into a Second Edition. It will change the rules for Uncanny Powers along with some re-editing and artwork changes. The new edition will be completely compatible with the current editions each of which will also be re-edited in the coming months. The Arvan setting is progressing rapidly as the writing is drawing to a close, so the next phase will be the artwork.

With the second edition of the core rule book we are also preparing a Player’s Handbook. I will reprint some of the chapters in the Core Rule Book and collect some from the Character Codexes. It will guide players through character generation step-by-step and serve as a reference for players.

We also have updated and polished our Trademark, as you can seen on this very website. We’re also working on getting new cover artwork for the published books. Due to how busy we are the website will probably take some time to complete. Apologies for its current state of disarray. I know its ugly but its unfinished and it will, hopefully, be completed within the next month.