Game Mastery: War as Set Piece

Another hubpages article from Robert A. Neri Jr. about War and Mass Combat in tabletop RPGs.Ah, Chess and Mass Combat

The article examines why, when, and how to use battle scenes and Mass Combat rules in a roleplaying campaign. It presents the idea of using War rules in conjunction with any standard melee combat rules but does avoid any specific rules citations.

In all kinds of fiction battles become set pieces providing drama, structure, and an action highpoint in many works. In a similar way Game Masters can use war to enhance their RPG campaigns.

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Gnomestew Article: The Finer Points of a Frankengame

Article on Gnomestew written by Robert A. Neri Jr. describing what a Frankengame is and how to stitch one together using parts of disparate roleplaying games. It gives the reasons as to why you would do such a thing and gives a brief primer on RPG Anatomy.

The Finer Points of a Frankengame

And if you haven’t already check the other 2 of Robert’s articles there: Can an Onion Bleed? and Can a Sword Smile?

Handling Game Flow in Tabletop RPGs

Another hubpages article from Robert A. Neri Jr. about Game Flow in tabletop RPGs.

The article examines the derailment of a campaign resulting from flattening action and lack of player engagement. It proposes a solution and some tricks to get the game back on track.

The most common problem that Game-Masters have to face is that of managing and maintaining the flow of the game and what to do if it stagnates. How to keep the campaign from running aground?

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Building Tabletop Myths

Another hubpages article from Robert A. Neri Jr.

This one explores the construction of myth using the material generated from playing a tabletop RPG campaign as medium.

Role-players can extend their game beyond the limits of the tabletop and enrich their games by constructing myths of the raw materials and medium provided by their play using a handful of techniques.

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Gnomestew Article: Can A Sword Smile?

Article on Gnomestew authored by Robert A. Neri Jr. that looks at items with backstories.

It describes as to how to implement them. It also puts forth some examples as it goes along using the layering method found in the Gnomestew Article: Can an Onion Bleed? It is about treating certain specially designed items as NPC’s and how they can enrich your game-world.

Can A Sword Smile?

GnomeStew Article: Can An Onion Bleed?

Article on Gnomestew by Robert A. Neri Jr. concerning the layering and creation of NPC’s.

The article touches on the five layers important for believable Non-Player Characters. These are: Archetype, Physical Features, Gear, Skillset & Personality. It also goes into how much detail is actually necessary based on how the Game-Master intends to use the character. It also goes into such areas as quirks, habits & vices, names, relationships, and motivation.

Can An Onion Bleed?