Genera #1: Clergy Class Spellcasting List

For a while now a few people have asked for a spell list. A list that those playing Clerics, Paladins, Priests, and other Clergy Class characters with spellcasting abilities can use. So, I have come up with a very general spell list conveniently sub-categorized into levels. Genera will consist of requested material and various self-containedContinue reading “Genera #1: Clergy Class Spellcasting List”

Can a Sword Smile? Creating a Storied Item

Characters begin to loot the dusty old room after slaying their foe, some monstrous undead thing. They find the typical loot, some coins, a few gems, and a couple of items. Their first impulse is to appraise the monetary value of the loot and calculate what the split will be. Then they find an oldContinue reading “Can a Sword Smile? Creating a Storied Item”

The Cabal of Eight II Pt.21: Three times Paranoia

A ghostly blue layer of spiced smog hovered high above the heads of the flowing crowd as they chattered, haggled with merchants, and carried their burdens of purchased goods in baskets, sacks, and small wagons along packed and narrow central pathways in each wing. From the oculi in the massive central dome shafts of smokyContinue reading “The Cabal of Eight II Pt.21: Three times Paranoia”


Welcome to the Archives where you can find blog entries by Category, Date, Tag, and by the Index listings below! Articles Building Tabletop Myths (Hubpages) NPC-Craft: Can an Onion Bleed? The Dark Lord: Building Better Lords of Evil (Hubpages) Game Mastery: Establishing Atmosphere (Hubpages) Handling Game Flow in Tabletop RPGs (Hubpages) How to Write anContinue reading “Archives”

The Finer Points of a FrankenGame

Games-Masters (GM’s) are already like mad scientists modifying their current gaming system often on the fly. This is through either in-play rulings (e.g. building precedence) or directly fabricating rules or guidelines. This is sometimes to patch deficiencies or fill in gaps discovered during play regardless of the potential for unforeseen consequences. Often, GM’s tinker withContinue reading “The Finer Points of a FrankenGame”

NPC-Craft: Can An Onion Bleed?

Non-player characters (NPCs) populate Gamesmasters’ game worlds providing a life source alongside the vitality injected by the player characters (PCs). Unlike PCs, however NPCs do not need to be complete characters. The level of completeness of an NPC is directly related to their level of intended interaction with the players. And to a lesser extentContinue reading “NPC-Craft: Can An Onion Bleed?”

Follow-Up: The Orc Lives Article Fallout

There was definitely a reaction on the part of the roleplaying community to my recent HubPages article “Why Do Orc Lives Matter?” This is a stream-of-thought meditation on that reaction as a whole and on the most common positive and negative comments. The original reason for writing the article in the first place was inContinue reading “Follow-Up: The Orc Lives Article Fallout”

Brilliant Botanics #3: The Dichromata Fruit Tree

The legendary Dichromata Fruit Tree, a pre-generated magic plant for Dice & Glory. It adds a different type of wonder to a campaign. This large tree produces a tasty and magic fruit with each half a different solid color. The tree also attracts flightless dragons and nature spirits that jealously protect it. The tree itselfContinue reading “Brilliant Botanics #3: The Dichromata Fruit Tree”

Writing Books & New Campaign

Blog entries may slow down in the next few months. This as I am doing much more writing right now on the Storywise project. I am also preparing the Armatelorum for print through various outlets. Every other week I will try to post to the Actual Play Blog. I will also get the final entryContinue reading “Writing Books & New Campaign”

RPG War Mastery #8: War as Set-Piece

The vista of human-drama and blood-spectacle of a battle-scene enthrall audiences with fury and fire. War operates as a high point of action and emotion in many a heroic epic and countless works of fiction. Battles and war in general often function as the scissor ending character-threads. These of Player Characters (PCs) and Non-Player CharactersContinue reading “RPG War Mastery #8: War as Set-Piece”