Genera #1: Clergy Class Spellcasting List

For a while now a few people have asked for a spell list. A list that those playing Clerics, Paladins, Priests, and other Clergy Class characters with spellcasting abilities can use. So, I have come up with a very general spell list conveniently sub-categorized into levels. Genera will consist of requested material and various self-containedContinue reading “Genera #1: Clergy Class Spellcasting List”

The Cabal of Eight II Pt.27: A Reunion Amidst the Winds of War

The 1st of Ranat (approx. 18 days since last we joined our heroes) – The grand city-state of Ezmer is at war with a pair of far Western townships rebelling against Ezmerian rule. There has yet to be an armed confrontation, but the townsfolk of the two large towns of Denelton and Fenumton have drivenContinue reading “The Cabal of Eight II Pt.27: A Reunion Amidst the Winds of War”

The Cabal of Eight II – Pt.26: Duel for the Cabal

The 2nd of Low Harvest – It was high noon at the White Prong and Excor and Fauna were sitting around a table enjoying a lunch of honey-drenched vittles, greasy squab with roasted onions, and plenty of cool, foaming ale. Both were solemnly awaiting the imminent wizard duel. They were halfway through their meal whenContinue reading “The Cabal of Eight II – Pt.26: Duel for the Cabal”

The Cabal of Eight II – Pt.25: Calm in the Dragon’s Wake

It was late morning; some carpenters were measuring the warehouse. Vor Jetl was overseeing a crew with a winch and chain by the large hole in the dock floor. He was going to recover the dragon’s corpse; it was simply too much money to just leave it to rot. He promised each of the trioContinue reading “The Cabal of Eight II – Pt.25: Calm in the Dragon’s Wake”

Grand Mook Manual Released!!!

The Grand Mook Manual Vol. I (Cat.No#RGS1014) has been released. This manual has over 90 NPC Mook tables and over 30 bare-bones average mook entries for standard fantasy NPCs. It includes over 70 fully developed NPCs as well. The appendices have Mage spell lists (based on role), a Clergy spell list, and all about NPCContinue reading “Grand Mook Manual Released!!!”

Corpse World: Apocalypse at Zombie Lake

It was a warm evening for January, the horizon viewable through the glass doors at the end of the great room was still golden orange and cloud streaked. Hunched over the table in the open-plan dining room I was sketching a map on the freshly unrolled battle map spread across the dinner table with dry-eraseContinue reading “Corpse World: Apocalypse at Zombie Lake”

Can a Sword Smile? Creating a Storied Item

Characters begin to loot the dusty old room after slaying their foe, some monstrous undead thing. They find the typical loot, some coins, a few gems, and a couple of items. Their first impulse is to appraise the monetary value of the loot and calculate what the split will be. Then they find an oldContinue reading “Can a Sword Smile? Creating a Storied Item”

The Cabal of Eight II Pt.21: Three times Paranoia

A ghostly blue layer of spiced smog hovered high above the heads of the flowing crowd as they chattered, haggled with merchants, and carried their burdens of purchased goods in baskets, sacks, and small wagons along packed and narrow central pathways in each wing. From the oculi in the massive central dome shafts of smokyContinue reading “The Cabal of Eight II Pt.21: Three times Paranoia”


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The Finer Points of a FrankenGame

Games-Masters (GM’s) are already like mad scientists modifying their current gaming system often on the fly. This is through either in-play rulings (e.g. building precedence) or directly fabricating rules or guidelines. This is sometimes to patch deficiencies or fill in gaps discovered during play regardless of the potential for unforeseen consequences. Often, GM’s tinker withContinue reading “The Finer Points of a FrankenGame”