The Cabal of Eight II Pt.9: Fungus Force Five

Fauna the druid (played by Jenn), Excor (played by Cris), and Szoo the Black-Scael naga (played by Isis), were surveying the post-battle damage. A few shouldering clumps of slime remained not giving a hint to the tiny creatures’ formerly humanoid shapes. The statue of the four-armed goddess with dragonfly wings had fallen into the cellarContinue reading “The Cabal of Eight II Pt.9: Fungus Force Five”

Corpse World: The Forest Dark

The entire gang was at the dining room table: Me (the GM), Jenn, Isis, Cris, Gil, Carlos, and Carlitos. For some reason conversation before the game had turned to the events of the end of the original Zombie Horror test-game some years back – the last pair of survivors outrunning a nuclear explosion in aContinue reading “Corpse World: The Forest Dark”

Corpse World: Road to Nowhere

The Zombie Horror campaign continues in Amorset, somewhere in the Northwestern U.S.A. This time around, three new recruits join the fray. It has been a single day since all hell broke loose within the city limits of Amorsetville and those that are able have fled, spreading out into the suburbs and surrounding rural county. TheContinue reading “Corpse World: Road to Nowhere”

Zombie Horror Unleashed!

Announcing Release of Zombie Horror Second Edition: A Survival Horror Manual For those Game-Masters wanting to use Zombie Apocalypse elements in their modern-set campaigns!                 Zombie Horror is a resource manual filled with pregenerated creatures, characters, and modern weaponry. It is a valuable resource for any Game-Master containing applicable fully generated NPCs along with someContinue reading “Zombie Horror Unleashed!”

Manifold Maps #1: Deadfall Cavern

This is the map to the Deadfall Caverns, a pre-generated and marked up map for use with Dice & Glory. It uses a basic key (Note: the small triangular arrows denote edges of a domed ceiling) and numbered portions for the ease of GM’s wanting to populate them. Manifold maps can be used at theContinue reading “Manifold Maps #1: Deadfall Cavern”

The Cabal of Eight II Pt.2: A Letter and a Map

It was the 17th of Monsoon and the Cabal of Eight was in mid-meeting in their clubroom at the Red Helm Tavern. The city for the past couple of days had been very quiet probably due to the incessant rain and swampy air that could choke a horse. Around the table sat Excor (played byContinue reading “The Cabal of Eight II Pt.2: A Letter and a Map”

Ratlings of Tanglethorn Pt.16: Judgement Night

It had been a week since the last street fight with the Roaches. Afheesh had just finished guard duty, already changed out of his colors, and bopping his way to the Dancing Rat. Surprisingly, it had been an interesting day. Near the end of the shift, he had ended up in the Bronze Tankard withContinue reading “Ratlings of Tanglethorn Pt.16: Judgement Night”

Bizarre Beasties #12 – Ullarhg

The Ullarhg are a fierce herd beast that tramples enemies with their hooves. As well as goring them with their tusks and horns, and resist attack with their spikes and thick hides. A new pregenerated monster for Dice & Glory that will add some danger and awe to any GM’s campaign. These tough and monstrously strongContinue reading “Bizarre Beasties #12 – Ullarhg”

Rats of Tanglethorn Pt.7: The Tree of Woe

Afheesh shot after Wufcor who was free of his shackles, fleeing, and armed with a stolen dagger. The quickling guard tripped the fleeing canny-jack with his tail. Wufcor flopped onto his back hard with a blast of dust and dry leaves. Afheesh held the tip of his dagger to his former companion’s throat. Afheesh (kickingContinue reading “Rats of Tanglethorn Pt.7: The Tree of Woe”

RPG War Mastery #7: On Medieval Fantasy Warfare

Both armies are at a standoff across the field of battle, bright banners flap in the slight breeze, the noon sun glints from the gleaming razor tips of spears and the blades of swords and axes. The dread war-engines vibrate the ground as they’re wheeled into position. Catapults, ballistae, and scorpions are readied. The shoutsContinue reading “RPG War Mastery #7: On Medieval Fantasy Warfare”