Grand Mook Manual Released!!!

The Grand Mook Manual Vol. I (Cat.No#RGS1014) has been released. This manual has over 90 NPC Mook tables and over 30 bare-bones average mook entries for standard fantasy NPCs. It includes over 70 fully developed NPCs as well. The appendices have Mage spell lists (based on role), a Clergy spell list, and all about NPC animals. This book is all about NPCs. The book discusses fundamental in-game roles, and planning NPC encounters. The book contains advice collected from the Character Codex series of books.

Although the release date has been repeatedly delayed because of circumstances beyond our control, the PDF is out. The print version will follow about two weeks after pending final proofing. Currently is available only on DriveThruRPG. Outlets will include,, and (pdf only).

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