Brilliant Botanics #3: The Dichromata Fruit Tree

The legendary Dichromata Fruit Tree, a pre-generated magic plant for Dice & Glory. It adds a different type of wonder to a campaign. This large tree produces a tasty and magic fruit with each half a different solid color. The tree also attracts flightless dragons and nature spirits that jealously protect it. The tree itselfContinue reading “Brilliant Botanics #3: The Dichromata Fruit Tree”

Brilliant Botanics #2: The Bane Rose

The deadly Bane Rose, a pre-generated magic plant for Dice & Glory. It adds a different type of monstrous danger to a campaign. This large rose-like bush is envenomed with a nasty magic toxin but produces a beautiful red-orange and gold rose. The plant also shelters swarms of scorpions, spiders, and vipers that protect it.Continue reading “Brilliant Botanics #2: The Bane Rose”

Brilliant Botanics #1 – Manfruit Tree

The mystical Manfruit tree, a pregenerated supernatural plant for Dice & Glory that adds a legendary element to a campaign. Especially if it’s revealed as the ultimate treasure or final goal. Also these trees are extremely tough though like mundane trees they are unable to take offensive actions. Additionally they are physically tough and can take certain passiveContinue reading “Brilliant Botanics #1 – Manfruit Tree”


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Writing Books & New Campaign

Blog entries may slow down in the next few months. This as I am doing much more writing right now on the Storywise project. I am also preparing the Armatelorum for print through various outlets. Every other week I will try to post to the Actual Play Blog. I will also get the final entryContinue reading “Writing Books & New Campaign”