Brilliant Botanics #3: The Dichromata Fruit Tree

The legendary Dichromata Fruit Tree, a pre-generated magic plant for Dice & Glory. It adds a different type of wonder to a campaign. This large tree produces a tasty and magic fruit with each half a different solid color. The tree also attracts flightless dragons and nature spirits that jealously protect it. The tree itself is not that physically formidable but it is highly valued for both its magic fruit and its bronze-hard wood. It is not uncommon for this tree to highly sought after lending another dimension to an adventure that includes one. Opposing adventuring parties, greedy villains, and evil mages may become competitors or enemies to adventurers that are seeking or have found one of these trees. Likewise, the magical properties of its fruit may intrigue the adventurous mage.

Brilliant Botanics is used at the discretion of Game-Masters to add variety to their game worlds easily and quickly. This tree is fleshed out enough for GM’s to drop it into game-sessions with little prep-work beyond reading the document. Finally, the Dichromata Fruit Tree is a great addition to any GM’s bag of tricks & treasure. Well, a treasure for those with an alchemical edge, a desire for spell components, and a sweet tooth.

Brilliant Botanics also includes a brief Magic Abstract. This describes how mages may use these supernal vegetables in their spells and potions as components.

Brilliant Botanics #3 – 220k

A miraculous tree whose fruit is worth fighting over!

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