Gnomestew Article: Can A Sword Smile?

Article on Gnomestew authored by Robert A. Neri Jr. that looks at items with backstories.

It describes as to how to implement them. It also puts forth some examples as it goes along using the layering method found in the Gnomestew Article: Can an Onion Bleed? It is about treating certain specially designed items as NPC’s and how they can enrich your game-world.

Can A Sword Smile?

GnomeStew Article: Can An Onion Bleed?

Article on Gnomestew by Robert A. Neri Jr. concerning the layering and creation of NPC’s.

The article touches on the five layers important for believable Non-Player Characters. These are: Archetype, Physical Features, Gear, Skillset & Personality. It also goes into how much detail is actually necessary based on how the Game-Master intends to use the character. It also goes into such areas as quirks, habits & vices, names, relationships, and motivation.

Can An Onion Bleed?