The Arvan Game Pt. 7

We rejoin our two adventurers Bers the female fighter (played by Jen) and Dead-Eye the ranger (played by Cris) in Fertum Dreyhawk having just had their items taken from the Wyvern's hoard identified by the resident Mage. What they didn't sell to the mage they divided. Bers kept the boots (Lvl 3, +1 bonus to Prowl, Casts Orb of Stone 1 x day by kicking, +2D6 Sonic damage to kick attacks) and the Longspear (Lvl 7, casts Phantom Scourge 1 x day). Dead-Eye kept the Silver Helmet (Lvl 4, grants x2 Visual Range, casts Warp Object 1 x day, and casts Onyx Missile 2 x day), the cutlass (superior quality, electrum embossed grip with a Dark Metal blade and electrum rivets; Lvl 15, +2 magic modifier), and the Composite Shortbow (Lvl 9, deals +1D6 Elemental Earth Damage upon arrow strike, casts Spark Shower upon arrow strike 2 x day). They split the jewels and coinage evenly with Bers getting a few more in exchange for giving up the 1 extra magic item. They secured a room at the inn and decided to rest for a day or so. On the second day while sitting and drinking in the Tavern when a loud crash and shouts attracted them outside.
They saw a youngman bleeding and apparently dying blubbering as he died, the horse pulling his shattered wagon collpased having run itself to death. Dead-Eye and Bers just stood at teh Tavern door they decided not to join the crowd around him. All they could make out were the words "Loc Troll" and "Miller's Bridge blocked by a Hyvalian knight." They kept the info in mind and decided to scratch around for more leads.
From the Caravan leaders in the Post Quarter they heard that Yellow Reapers (animalistic pack dragons with a scythe-like raptor claw instead of a breath weapon) were attacking all those who traveled through the North Pass and taking their beasts of burden and mounts to eat. A few farmers from South of Dreyton told them that a beast has been sighted around the homesteads slaughtering livestock and murdering & mutilating people out at night. It has been attacking every night but seemed particualrly vicious on the recent full moon. They guessed a werebeast (they were right btw). They find that two nights ago (while they were at Black Brow) the Fertum Strongboxes were broken into by the Blue Hand, a thief that leaves behind a blue hand print. On top of that the peasants of Dreyton seem to be unhappy with the tax situation imposed by Lord Dreyhawk. They went back to the tavern to decide what to do over some ale and food. In the middle of their meal and Bers' third pitcher a group of three Hill-Landers burst in and took a table. The eldest was a full-fledged Satyr by his large horns and shaggy mane, the second was a large half-hill giant/faun fighter and the third was a half-human/faun ranger. All were well equipped with high quality equipment and well crafted hunting horns. The half-giant had a finely made Claymore (made for a large-sized wielder) strapped to his back. All three bore the tartan sashes of highlanders. They sat and bragged about being the best warriros in the place in their barely intelligible accents. The two adventurers took their leave for their separate rooms after deciding to take out the were-beast after Dead-Eye telling Bers, "it's a werewolf, with a few silver arrows we can take 'em." In the morning they would go to Dreyton and melt some of their silver pieces down and dip some arrows in the village Blacksmith's forge. Bers was insistent that after they slew the were-wolf that the next mission was to investigate the missing girls in the North Spur. OF course Dead-Eye knew they would have to either cross Miller's Bridge or use the other route North of that going along the shore of Loc Lake. He grudgingly agreed.
Later the next afternoon, after having dipped about 6 arrows they traveled South along the Trade Route where it bent suddenly West. They appraoched the homesteads just off of the road where there was a well and found the ranchers there very eager to have them eliminate the beast. The pay was 50 gold pieces but would take it anyway. Dead-Eye searched the area and could only find a set of bear-tracks around the animal pens. They found a hiding place and decided to wait for the creature during the night.
They asked the rancher for a cow …
To Be Continued…

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