Bizarre Beasties #9 – Gorvil

The Gorvil, a pre-generated monster for Dice & Glory that can add unpredictability to any summoner’s repertoire. They are horrible lizard-bats, creatures of the dark and lurkers of shadow! The Gorvil are unnatural enemies of light and often fight to the death. As such, summoners favor the near-mindless creature.

This time the monsters are inspired by those described in the notorious satanic-panic masterpiece of mediocrity, Mazes and Monsters by Rona Jaffe. I have read this and the other two in what can best be called the terrible 80’s-panic trilogy: Dungeon Master by William Dear and Hobgoblin by John Coyne. Frankly, Jaffe’s novel is the worst. At best it’s a chemistry-less romance with fantasy roleplaying tossed in as a shallow gimmick. Also it uses mental illness as a cheap story device. However, the few details about the RPG they’re playing are interesting. But there are very few of these details in the novel. The only idea given any elaboration is the Gorvil monster. Of what little service Gorvils are given anyway.

Bizarre Beasties can be used at the discretion of Game-Masters to add variety to their game worlds easily and quickly. So that GM’s can drop the fully fleshed Gorvil into game-sessions immediately without any prep-work beyond reading the document. Finally, the Gorvil are a great addition to any GM’s bestiary.

Bizarre Beasties #9 – 621k

One-eyed bat-lizard-monsters that skulk in shadow!

Note that the other two novels that I mentioned above are almost as bad as Mazes & Monsters. I cannot recommend any of these three books. Although there are flashes of interest or a little suspense sprinkled in. However, the work it takes to get to these tidbits isn’t worth it.