Bizarre Beasties #11 – The Wolf-Bat

The Wolf-Bat, a fiendish beast resulting from the combination of a bat and a wolf. A new pregenerated monster for Dice & Glory that will definitely add a nasty surprise to any GM’s campaign. These murderous winged monsters are fresh from Hades.

I wondered what this combination would present then I added the fiendish template. I found the trademark of a similar image after. They appear as shaggy, black wolves with a greasy coat and the wings of bats on two legs instead of four. They fear the light and have a horrendously vicious bite. In addition, they are also pure chaotic evil.

Bizarre Beasties can be used at the discretion of Game-Masters to add variety to their game worlds easily and quickly. So that GM’s can drop the fully fleshed Wolf-Bat into game sessions immediately without any prep-work beyond reading the document. Finally, the Wolf-Bat is a great addition to any GM’s bestiary.

Bizarre Beasties #11 – 639k

Fiendish bat-winged wolves with a hellish bite!

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