Weird Races #6 – The Okisibuso

Okisibuso, a strange race of para-elemental humanoids where one-half of their bodies is solid stone. The PDF contains stats for the base race itself, a warrior and Stone-Walker NPCs. Also a brief description of their culture and ethnicity, and mass combat unit stats. The package also includes a unique racial class, the Stone-Walker, and a form of stylized martial arts, Stone Fist Wrestling.

Weird Races are pre-generated fantasy races for Dice & Glory. At the discretion of Game-Masters (GMs) Weird Races can add richness and variety to their game worlds easily and quickly. Because the Okisibuso are fleshed out enough GM’s can drop them into game-sessions using them immediately without any prep-work beyond reading the document.

Weird Races #6 – 760k

Earth worshiping half-stone Men!

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