Manifold Maps #1: Deadfall Cavern

Deadfall Cave Map
The Cave Map

This is the map to the Deadfall Caverns, a pre-generated and marked up map for use with Dice & Glory. It uses a basic key (Note: the small triangular arrows denote edges of a domed ceiling) and numbered portions for the ease of GM’s wanting to populate them.

Manifold maps can be used at the discretion of Game-Masters to add a new crawl type adventure or dueling field to their game. These are self-contained maps that fit on a single page and require only the prep-work to populate them as well as descriptions to flesh out certain areas.

This map was designed around the idea of a cavern with a large body of water flowing underneath it. This body of water accessible from outside near the mouth of the cave although the water goes quite deep. There are many potential ambush points and plenty of nooks and crannies where enemies can hide. The terrain is also varied with water traps, sandpits, cliffs, and holes that fall into other parts of the cave system (indicated by the 8-pointed black stars). The scale is meant to be 5 sq.ft. per square.

Manifold Maps #1 – 1 MB

The Map PDF is hosted on Mediafire.

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