Announcements & Arvan

Blog entries and new articles will be slowing down to a crawl for the remainder of the year due to simply life getting in the way and due to work on Arvan.

Blog Entries

The gaming blogs will be slowing down due to a redoubled effort on Arvan and members moving and work. I have been mastering a game which is barely past its ninth session since June. So I won’t be posting what I have any time soon. I typically don’t start posting till after around session 12. The campaign is in the city of Ezmer concerning a player group of mages.

The Arvan Setting

The Arvan setting has shifted into high gear with the last pass of editing and me struggling to finish the illustrations. For budgetary reasons I am unable to hire on any illustrators for the remainder of this project. The maps have reached their rough draft stage and the larger frontispieces have been completed but as it stands today only the intro, TOC, and Chapters 1 & 2 have been fully illustrated. Unfortunately, this makes a November release date highly unlikely. We have not given up on a December release however.

Future Plans

We have been planning and continue to amass material for 3 projects for next year concerning dwarves, monsters, and more magic! If all goes to plan these 3 projects will follow by some months the release of the Arvan setting. Hopefully in rapid succession.

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