Bizarre Beasties #1 thru #5

Here’s some strange creatures to drop into a random encounter or any Dice & Glory based campaign. This is a re-post of all of the Bizarre Beasties pdfs available through the old version of the site. All files are hosted on

Note that the pdf’s display the text as crowded in the browser but the layout of the downloaded files are fine.

Bizarre Beasties #1: The Dream Dog – 210k
An armor-skinned brain-sucking insect-like canine!

Bizarre Beasties #2: Rogtor – 189k
Horned ape-like creatures which make use of primitive stone-age weaponry.

Bizarre Beasties #3: Behemet – 192k
The stone bear.

Bizarre Beasties #4: Skrane – 185k
A giant blood-sucking chaos bat!

Bizarre Beasties#5: The Tricephalodon – 189k
A 3-headed triple-tailed tortoise-shelled dinosaur!

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