A Death Poll

in-game death embodied in Natural 1

So, why a death poll? Well, I have seen especially lately, around the internet that many DM’s, GM’s, and Players of tabletop roleplaying games have a wide array of opinions on in-game deaths. Some blame the players exclusively seeing it as a personal failing on the unlucky character’s player’s part. Others see in-game deaths as unfortunate but a great opportunity for some intense roleplaying. There are quite a few other opinions on the matter typically ranging between the aforementioned. So I decided to put up a simple poll based on the most popular opinions that I have seen around. P.S. I have blogged about this very subject in Tabletop Meditations #10 – Death.

This death poll is different than asking how roleplaying games approach death, I am interested in how Gamemasters and Players feel about PC deaths. In effect, I am asking how do you feel about it when your character dies and/or when another player’s character dies? With that, I give you the death poll below.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

How do you view death in the games that you play and/or run?
151 votes · 151 answers
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