State of RGS Publishing October 2021

We are doing well. Our third quarter accounting is looking good and we’re finally in the black. As our last quarter of this year begins it looks like the projects slated for release this year may not be out before the end of the year. One project is in full gear, fortunately.

State of Current Projects

Dark Home: Realm of the Dwarves is well into the writing process. We are working on the first four chapters and nearing the editing stage. We have been working with a linguist, Frederico Schroeder, to help us create a fully functional dwarven conlang and runic language. The book will be as detailed as Arvan: Land of Dragons but it will be more focused as is the nature of the subject matter.

Other projects slated for this year have hit snags as well as funding problems. Primarily this applies to Storywise which has been pushed back for next year but also the Vehicle Handbook (working title) and Deep Black. Other projects that have been on the backburner and have plenty of material ready for them are The Monster Magnus Vol.II, The Character Codex Vol. V, The Codices of Clever Doom (working title), and The Great Grimoire Vol. II. One of these latter projects will probably begin in earnest in the next month or so. We have been looking into Kickstarter and may start a KS project late next year.

The Actual Play Blog

The blog will begin with the final installment of Corpse World that will drop in a week or two. From there the last installments (there’s still several left) of the Cabal of Eight will start bi-weekly or weekly depending on the schedule, the RPG book projects will take precedence. Note the test games for Dark Home will appear a few days to a week after play whenever those begin shortly after the editor’s proof gets printed. Note that all articles are on hold until further notice.

Well, that is all that is new for Ranger Games Publishing at this point. Keep rolling and looking out for our products and promos!

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