A Mage from Poisonwood Pt.7: Several Heads in a Gunnysack

Come morning I met back up with the group when they found their way to the Lucky Traveler. They put the iron chest and the bags of treasure taken from the Red-Daggers in my room and stand guard as I went to find Alchemist Ebaik who should have been in town by then. My plan was to rent a back room in his shop so we could split the treasure up in privacy. I easily found him and he consented to let us use the backroom for free but I tossed him a platinum piece as a “shop-warming gift”. My share consisted of 1,070 gp, 64 sp, 226 pp, 10 gtal, 1 star metal ingot, a single 1 lb. mithral bar, 10 large emeralds, 10 alexandrites, 20 diamonds and 5 large rubies. I was able to disarm the Deathbolt magic trap on the chest and Tweena and Dolus worked as a team to open it. Our eyes sparkled as inside we found: 50 gtal (gold talons), 25 large fire garnets (glow with their own fire-like light), 1 superior quality garnet lion figurine worth about 2,500 gp, a platinum ring with a ruby, a gold ring with an opal (both magical as I identified them) and a high quality gold goblet set with seven large diamonds bearing the guild mark of the White Star healers’ guild. My share of this booty was 10 gold talons and 5 large fire garnets.

The gear we couldn’t sell to Ebaik Tweena and Shieldmaster took to market in the end I got a 585 gold piece cut of that. Meanwhile me and Nami returned the goblet from the chest to the White Star House in the village and were rewarded with an Arch-Cure potion. When we met back up around late afternoon Tweena said she couldn’t unload a large fire sapphire so I suggested that we go to the Fertum lord. Tweena and Nami remained at the Lucky Traveller so Dolus, Shieldmaster and myself went instead to unload the gem and the lion figurine. It turned out to be fruitless and we were referred to the keep where the lord may cut a deal for the items. So by early evening we were on our way to the keep. There we were able to cut a deal handing over the items for a land deed. It was for a plot of land with a deserted old longhouse on it at the far southwest edge of town. I was able to throw down the majority of coin for the rest that we owed after the items traded hands gaining majority share of the land.

That night I began to set my lab in the cellar of the place which needed some work while Shieldmaster went to post an employment notice in the Fertum. I set up my fire garnets for light and teleported to the green tower snatching up the L-shaped table from the lab there bringing it back to the cellar. I then gathered 15,500 gp worth of gems and coin from my hoard and bought magic supplies from the alchemist’s shop. I planned on staying in the cellar, my new lab, for the next 19 days working on developing some new magic. However, the very next night I heard a thud then a commotion followed by an explosion which brought me up into the central chamber. A gunny-sack loaded with the severed heads of Black Hands members and I spied among the purpling gore the faces of Keenor and Ranknor. The room was scorched and I could hear fire bells sounding from the Fertum in the distance. The others yelled to me that a wizard was out there and had blasted the place with a fireball. The others became engaged in combat with a gang of ratlings that streamed in from the windows and the rear hallway. I teleported to the front porch and countered a spell the distant figure in red robes and an ivory skull-mask lobbed at me. A red-masked figure that had been skulking along the porch got up next to me and put his dagger in my back. Luckily I wasn’t badly wounded by his blade. I stepped back and hit him with an acid bolt and teleported away next to the red mage while Shieldmaster emerged, his dragonsuarus had leapt into combat with another gaggle of ratlings just around the north corner, from the longhouse and engaged him chopping him down. I disabled the red-mage with a Shadow Ribbons spell and stabbed him in the throat with my dagger; the one that bore Keenor’s mark. I twisted it a little hoping that he had felt it before he finally died. The battle was over shortly thereafter the yard strewn with ratling bodies. I stripped the wizard taking his gold belt with the ruby belt buckle as my trophy making a bee-line to my cellar after.

End of Part 1 of the Campaign (played between May 2013 and December 2013).

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