Wondrous Objects

Here’s some gear to drop into any Dice & Glory based campaign. This is a re-post of all of the Wondrous Objects pdfs available through the old version of the site. All files are hosted on Mediafire.com.

Note that the pdf’s display the text as crowded in the browser but the layout of the downloaded files are fine.

Wondrous Objects #1 – 147k
The Ring of the Wolf and the Gauntlet of Transmutation.

Wondrous Objects #2 – 153k
Thief’ Dagger, the Lens of Retro-Viewing and the Bag of Smoke.

Wondrous Objects #3 – 200k
The Bottle of Curious Inebriation.

Wondrous Objects #4 – 112k
Yellow Fang, the Jade Skull of Guarding, and the Brooch of Arachnophilia.

Wondrous Objects #5 – 161k
The Moonshield, a Jar of Storm Powder and the Phial of Daylight.

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