The Dragonslayers Campaign III: Intro

Well we’ve come to the third, and possibly final, part of the Dragon-Slayers campaign. Bers, the last of the original pair of characters from the first campaign has been killed by a Death Demon sent by the Lich of Blackbrow (a natural 1 will do it every time) leaving Vorwulf the human ranger/dragon-slayer as the head of the slayers and top ranked of the Blackwing of the dragonslayers guild in Hirok-Nor. Grom the shaman endures and the new kid on the block is a Dragon-Blood Warrior (an alchemical super-soldier and a specialist class found in the upcoming Character Codex IV) Feren (amazon) played by Jenn.

The Black Moon of Eu is high and winter is in full swing with drifts of snow in the streets as high as the thatch. They have yet to be able to get into and read the Tome of Dragon-Slaying, Grom is still having nightmares of the red dragon that obliterated his people and a giant glowing mushroom, and there is a 10,000 gold piece bounty on Xanto the Wasp’s head placed by the Black Wings Dragon Slayers’ Guild of Chago. The latter information related to them by a messenger before the first snow.

Well, this concludes this brief introduction. My next dragon-slayer post will begin with the first session as they follow the messenger into the freezing night.

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