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Can an Onion Bleed

Well, there is no regular blog entry for today. The final writing and layout is being completed readying the Armatelorum for editing and illustration. The press kit is ready to go and promo banners are finished. Still no solid release date yet however. So, in place of the first part of the Cabal of Eight II campaign (which will return next week), here is an older article I wrote for Gnomestew involving my take on constructing Non Player Characters (NPC’s) titled Can an Onion Bleed?.

Can An Onion Bleed?: https://gnomestew.com/can-an-onion-bleed-2/

The article describes a methodology to creating fully realized and engaging NPC’s using the image of an onion and its layers. Moreover, please, if you are going to comment on it, at least read the first paragraph first! 🙂

I have thought about revising and expanding the thoughts presented in the article but as the initial response was lukewarm so I will probably just leave it as is.

Gnomestew Article: The Finer Points of a Frankengame

Article on Gnomestew written by Robert A. Neri Jr. describing what a Frankengame is and how to stitch one together using parts of disparate roleplaying games. It gives the reasons as to why you would do such a thing and gives a brief primer on RPG Anatomy.

The Finer Points of a Frankengame

And if you haven’t already check the other 2 of Robert’s articles there: Can an Onion Bleed? and Can a Sword Smile?