Merry Turkey Day Sale

Arvan: Land of Dragons setting PDF is now on sale for $2.99 from its original $15.00 price! This sale will last only two weeks from 11/4/19 till 11/18/19! Go to DriveThruRPG.com. That’s $2.99 for 267 pages of a strange, gritty fantasy world.


This massive book centers on the Age of Adventure and burgeoning international trade and era of conquest. As well as the reclamation of territory from the supernatural forces that have dominated it for so long and which had resulted from an extended Dark Age of Mad Mage-Lords and Dark Warlords. In the East, an ancient empire struggles to slow its disintegration into smaller feudal princedoms as its central theocracy seizes power for itself also trying to focus the chaos on the empire’s former colonies in the West. Power is up for grabs for those willing to seize it. If this is for you, then get it now!

This manual contains everything you need to run a campaign set in this world. Gazetteer style descriptions of flora, fauna, natural resources, and places of note for each world region. In-depth descriptions of cultures, technology, warriorship, languages, and religion. There is even a handy section on region and language appropriate names. If you want a fantasy world with great detail then this one is for you! This sale will not last long.

Do not miss out on this one-time sale. Arvan is a lot of world for a low low price and it may not be on sale ever again!