MegaMooseCon 2016

We here at Ranger Games Publishing contribute when we can to conventions typically with a small donation of merchandise, namely Dice & glory Core Rulebooks with the option of changing the cover art to custom art given to us by convention managers. We can only do this a few times a year though we do receive our fair share of requests, we are proud to announce that we have sent out the first con merchandise for this year.

Ranger Games is an official sponsor for MegaMooseCon for this year! The convention is a tabletop gaming convention. This is their first event with the hopes that it can become an annual event. We have donated some Core Rule-books with the con logo emblazoned on the covers. We hope the guys and gals at MegaMooseCon a successful run and for many more successful events in the future!

MegaMooseCon Logo - Image Copyright Homemade-Preschool.com

Convention Info:
July 23rd – 24, 2016
The Gateway Conference Center
3200 Suite C Commerce Drive
Richburg, SC 29729