The Arvan Game Pt. 34: Party Party Party!

We rejoin our 5 heroes, Bers the Westlander female fighter played by Jenn, Persus the Ferenoi (Feren amazon) fighter/dungeoneer her protégé, Vorwulf the Westlander ranger/dragonslayer, Draznor the Westlander ranger his protégé, and Grom the Westlander shaman played by Gil. It was the evening of the party and the guests were starting to arrive. Bers stoodContinue reading “The Arvan Game Pt. 34: Party Party Party!”

The Arvan Game Pt. 32: The Road to Chago

After taking on the dragon cult known as the Disciples of the Divine Flame and slaying the great adult dragon Sawback we rejoin our four heroes, Bers played by Jenn, Vorwulf and his protégé Draznor both played by Cris, and Grom the shaman played by Gil as they check out the lair. The lair consistedContinue reading “The Arvan Game Pt. 32: The Road to Chago”

The Arvan Game Pt. 19: Black Wings

After a couple of weeks we find our pair of heroes relaxing in the top rooms of the inn at Fertum Dreyhawk. Olf remained outside of the walls in the surrounding wilds while his companions indulged themselves (as best they knew how). They had high-tailed it to the Fertum after a week and a halfContinue reading “The Arvan Game Pt. 19: Black Wings”

The Arvan Game Pt. 16: Gone Troll-Hunting or Winter Part 3

The next morning our two adventurers found the trail by the graves unspoiled and fortunate that the snow didn’t fall overnight to conceal it. Dead-Eye (played Cris) began tracking with Bers (played by Jenn) following close behind. The tracks were leading straight into the Granfor and appeared to be that of 3 individuals, the firstContinue reading “The Arvan Game Pt. 16: Gone Troll-Hunting or Winter Part 3”

The Arvan Game Pt. 14: Winter at Veringer’s Field

Our two heroes find themselves huddled together with the hill-landers (Baalkra, Han, and Skraan) in a log lean-to built onto the manor house in Veringer’s Field which the Templars, knights and Sir Chinsalis have taken as their quarters. Veringer’s Field is a fairly wide glade between a southern spur of the Granfor forest with theContinue reading “The Arvan Game Pt. 14: Winter at Veringer’s Field”

The Arvan Game Pt. 12: Burnt Bridges

Come morn they, our heroes Bers (played by Jenn) and Dead-Eye (played by Cris) double-timed it back to the nearest farm in order to stock up on supplies and deliver the bad news about the abducted girls. They planned to take the Old High Road back down to the Old Grove where they would cutContinue reading “The Arvan Game Pt. 12: Burnt Bridges”

New Website Launch & Second Edition

Well, the new website launch is going well but will probably under construction for a while. The Core Rule book will go into a Second Edition. It will change the rules for Uncanny Powers along with some re-editing and artwork changes. The new edition will be completely compatible with the current editions each of which will alsoContinue reading “New Website Launch & Second Edition”

The Arvan Game Pt. 10: The North Spur

Our intrepid heroes find themselves at a feast with the Ivoran Paladin of the Hyvalian Theocracy Sir Chinsalis and his squire, Xingri after agreeing to and being converted to the Hyvalian faith of course. Sporting their new wooden chalice symbols around their necks they recline on pillows as servants pile smoking meats and dew beadedContinue reading “The Arvan Game Pt. 10: The North Spur”

The Arvan Game Pt. 9: Duel on Miller’s Bridge

The knight introduced himself as Sir Chinsalis and, “none shall pass as I claim this bridge in the name of my Lord and of the Shuen [the pope-like figure of the Hyvalian Theocracy]. Those who wish to pass must convert to the true faith or defeat me in duel!” Of course Bers challenged him. BothContinue reading “The Arvan Game Pt. 9: Duel on Miller’s Bridge”

The Arvan Game Pt. 3

The next night Dead-Eye (Cris’ character), Bers (Jennifer’s character) and 4 of the remaining 6 deputies, the pair of sketchy fighters decided to “guard” the farmer’s longhouse while Tyvan was within “protecting” the farmer and his son, hid among a barn and some bushes with a mooing cow tied to a post in a clearing.Continue reading “The Arvan Game Pt. 3”