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Projects Poll and Computer Issues

Migrating to a new System

My old computer has gone the way of the dodo and I’m currently moving all my files and programs to another newer system. Unfortunately I’ve hit a few snags but it should be up and running pretty soon so I can get back to my normal writing schedule. Therefore, the Cabal of Eight blog entry for this week has been delayed until next week. That is coming to a close fairly soon by the way. After that I’ll have some choices to make about the projects I will finish next year in 2018.

Dice & Glory Projects

I have several projects in the wings many that are mostly or almost finished with the writing stage. These have been stalled or canceled due to several factors the main two being time and money. However, I might bring back a canceled project or two and/or push hard to finish others hoping to get them out early in 2018.

I’m curious about what you, out there, whoever you are, are more interested in seeing released in 2018. This will help me focus my ever waning energy towards a few specific goals instead of trying to work on everything at once.

The Projects

Dark Home: Realm of the Dwarves – This book details a planar dimension wherein the dwarves came into being with its own rich mythological history and standard setting details such as clans, lands, monsters, and magic. The dwarven conlang is still rough and missing some details. Note a complete conlang will not be included but a set of basic building blocks will be so that players and GMs can make use of the language if they desire and shape it to their liking. However, the runic symbols have been created and drawn. This is based on Tabletop Meditations #13: Dwarves. Projected at around 100 to 150 pages.

The Monster Magnus Vol. II – A manual that contains chapters on More Templates, Faeries, Giants, Fantastic Beasts, Serpent Monsters, Monstrous Vermin, Gestalts, Oozes, Aberrations, Wurms, and Constructs & Golems. It also includes an Index and Racial Classes. Projected at around 200 to 250 pages.

The Great Grimoire Vol. II – This book contains 1,000 more spells for use with any Dice & Glory campaign. It also includes a first chapter on Wizard Lairs. Projected at around 250 to 300 pages.

The Ezmer Gazetteer – This book focuses on the City of Ezmer and to a lesser extent on the Ezmerian Headland found within the Arvan: Land of Dragons setting. It expands on the information found in the previously mentioned work and is the primary setting of the Cabal of Eight campaign on which the blog is based. This project will have around 100 to 150 pages but I’m allowing for the possibility of the 200 page neighborhood to be reached.

The Poll

This poll simply asks you to choose the project, one from those described above, that seems the most interesting to you and of course the one on which you would rather spend your hard earned money.


Which of these projects is the most interesting to you?

Dark Home: Realm of the Dwarves
The Monster Magnus Vol. II
The Great Grimoire Vol. II
The Ezmer Gazetteer

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Thanks for your time and your eyes,
Thanks especially to those who keep us in business,
Robert A. Neri Jr.

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Sick Day – No Post This Week

Unfortunately, the Cabal of Eight actual play blog will have to wait another week. I’ve come down with a nasty cold. I really hate being sick.

However, that gives me an idea for another Tabletop Meditations entry. Actually I have another as well. The Cabal of Eight will continue next week. That campaign blog is reaching its terminus soon btw.

More bad news it looks like there will be no new books for this year. The Dwarven project has fallen through and the company coffers are at an all time low. Life also became very busy this year swallowing up all of my time.

Next year the aim is to release 3 new books. Among those is the Ezmer Gazetteer for the Arvan campaign setting. The Dwarven project is on hold until late next year or until I can muster some resources.


Robert A. Neri Jr.

Hacked – No Blog This Week

hackedThis site was hacked yesterday and repairing the damage took all of yesterday thus taking up the majority of my blogging time. As a result I do need to rebuild a part of the site thus occupying all of my remaining blog writing time for this week. Next week the Cabal of Eight will return.

In the meantime you can always check out the Tabletop Meditations articles here or visit my Hubpages here.

Thanks for your time, patience, and eyeballs.

P.S. I also wrote some articles that are on Gnomestew:

The Finer Points of the FrankenGame

Can a Sword Smile?

Can an Onion Bleed?


Arvan Setting Release Date Delayed by 1 Week

Release of Arvan: Land of Dragons setting for Dice & Glory is delayed.

Art Delays

The release date of Arvan: Land of Dragons (RGS1009) is now February 22 due to art delays. At this point the publication of this book has become a one-man show thus the delay. So, six art pieces require completion which will take 1 week to finish. This has not effected any other current project.

Print Release

The Arvan print version is on schedule and still slated for the end of March 2017. Thus, as all of the print versions of our books they will be primarily available through Amazon (via Createspace) and Lulu.com.

Other Projects

Three projects will begin after the release and promotion of Arvan. These projects are: The Monster Magnus Vol. II, The Great Grimoire Vol. II, and Dark Home: Realm of the Dwarves. The release dates are not yet set for these projects.

Brief Announcement for Jan. 19

Well, there a few things we’re dealing with this week:

No Blog Entry

Sorry, no blog entry this week due to the work on the Arvan: Land of Dragons book taking precedence. I’m also dealing with the pirating of my work. Note that next week the blog may also be on hold as well. There is material there (straight from my GM notebook which is about half full at this point) its just that I don’t have time to decipher, copy, and storify it. The process of which takes about 2 to 3 days per entry.

Dealing with Piracy Issues

You’d think with how low my sales are why anyone would try to pirate my stuff but dealing with it I am (this isn’t the first time either). They’ve apparently converted the CRB into another format and are selling it without my permission or even prior knowledge. So I’m going through the process of issuing take-downs on the site selling the pirate copies.

Other Projects in the Planning Stage

However, on a more positive note I am also setting up for another project dealing with dwarves and their realm (using the Tabletop Meditations #13 as a starting point) as well as preparing for the Monster Magnus Vol. II and the Great Grimoire Vol. II. for which a great portion of the writing is finished. There is also material for other projects (Such as a Monster Magnus III) but those are far off at this point.

Arvan Release Date February 15th

Arvan is pretty much on schedule for its February 15th PDF release date. So look for that in February on RPGNow.com and DriveThruRPG.com.

Expanding Our Market Presence

Ranger Games Publishing is also trying to expand our brand onto new marketplaces. Look for our products in other places in the future! Very shortly we should be available on the OpenGamingStore.com!



Arvan – Land of Dragons *Update*

The Bad News…

Unfortunately the Arvan setting will not be released on time due to the art simply not being done. We originally shot for a November 2016 release but a few unforeseen situations cropped up and the month of release kept getting pushed back until December. Of course, by the beginning of October we were out of money, the budget of the book was bust.

The Good News…

The art will be done and the book will be finished. So we have set a specific date of release. The date set is February 15, 2017. We will first release the pdf version through the normal channels and then by the end of March it will be available in its print edition.

The Arvan Setting

Dragons infest the land of Arvan a high-fantasy setting with the dark and brutal overtones of sword & sorcery. Set during the rise of an age of exploration and trade it’s a world fraught with the ruins of former ages inhabited by the folly of the Mad-Mages and dominated by Dragons!

Arvan The Land of Dragons

Player Races include Arboreans, Amazons, Fauns, Hill-Giants, Humans, Naga, and Ratlings!

The Book

This Dice & Glory world book includes a mass of general information on the planet and its peoples. Also a great many details about geography, flora, fauna, natural resources, places of interest, religions, cultural spheres, ethnic groups, and archetypal equipment for each of the 7 main regions of the sub-continent of Ar. There is supplemental and background information on the ancient nations of the eastern side of the continent, called Van. There is also introductory info on the world of Eu on which the continent of Arvan floats and a GM section dealing with time measurement and the multiple Moons of Eu among other GM-Only details!

250+ Pages!

Release Date: February 15, 2017

Written By: Robert A. Neri Jr.

Cover Art By: Jamie Noble <=== Facebook Link

http://thenobleartist.com <=== Website Link

A Quick Word about the Blog

For those of you who read my gaming blogs, the blog will return next week. Due to the Cabal of Eight campaign sessions being a little erratic my material is running up to the current game-play. Fortunately, we have a (hopefully) stable play schedule coming up through the holidays so it should resume weekly as usual. That is, weekly barring any information that may be given away to the players via the blog anyway.

Announcements & Arvan

Blog entries and new articles will be slowing down to a crawl for the remainder of the year due to simply life getting in the way and due to work on Arvan.

Blog Entries

The gaming blogs will be slowing down due to a redoubled effort on Arvan and members moving and work. I have been mastering a game which is barely past its ninth session since June. So I won’t be posting what I have any time soon. I typically don’t start posting till after around session 12. The campaign is in the city of Ezmer concerning a player group of mages.

The Arvan Setting

The Arvan setting has shifted into high gear with the last pass of editing and me struggling to finish the illustrations. For budgetary reasons I am unable to hire on any illustrators for the remainder of this project. The maps have reached their rough draft stage and the larger frontispieces have been completed but as it stands today only the intro, TOC, and Chapters 1 & 2 have been fully illustrated. Unfortunately, this makes a November release date highly unlikely. We have not given up on a December release however.

Future Plans

We have been planning and continue to amass material for 3 projects for next year concerning dwarves, monsters, and more magic! If all goes to plan these 3 projects will follow by some months the release of the Arvan setting. Hopefully in rapid succession.

Blog, Arvan, and Articles Update

About the BlogWizard-Skull_web.jpg

So, blog entries will be slowing down a great deal here since the current campaign (the one started after A Giant in Xuun ended so anti-climatically) has somewhat stalled out and we’ve lost a player due to work schedule. So it is uncertain as to when I will begin to post another campaign blog the next may be the campaign I will be mastering but that may be a few months in the coming.

New Articles

However, I will be releasing a new article here and there as I get time to edit and post them, the next article will be a Tabletop Meditations #11: Elves, and should be posted around Weds or Thurs next week on this site.

Progress on the Arvan Setting

Work on the campaign setting book – Arvan: Land of Dragons – continues as the illustrations are being mostly by me at this point with that kind of work load everything else is going to have to suffer. Who would’ve guessed a World Spanning work take so much illustration? <:)

The actual release date for Arvan is unknown right now due to the bog down on the artwork but I’ll try to keep everyone updated as work progresses.

Attention Artists/Illustrators

Sales have been better this quarter, thanks to all those who’ve supported us, so I am fielding for 1 or 2 illustrators and in particular we are looking for a Cartographic Artist. If any of you are interested email us with an approximate rate for full page, 1/2 page, and 1/4 page pieces. Please note are project budgets are always really small.

Other New Releases

As the work on Arvan is taking alot longer than we had originally thought and scheduled for any new releases for this year will have to be pushed back even possibly into next year. These releases being: The Monster Magnus Vol. II, The Great Grimoire Vol. II, and the Complete Character Codex (print only).


Robert A. Neri Jr.

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