Project News *Updated*

There is some news concerning Ranger Games Publishing and upcoming projects but first…

Sorry No Blog Entry This Week Either

Well, there will be no regular entry this week. This is due to work on six articles, the module, and Black Skulls Tattoopiecing the Dwarves project back together. Frankly, I bit off more than I can chew all at once but the projects and articles are moving forward. The Dark Home: Realm of the Dwarves project has stalled out. The other writer that had joined the project months ago has left and taken their material with them. Fortunately, I still have the material I’ve written and will have to put this project on the back burner while I complete the aforementioned other projects.

The series of articles I’m writing may be published elsewhere but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’ll find out after I’m done. That hopefully will be by the end of this month. By then I should have two more long form blog entries completed as well.

***Update*** I’ve begun finishing up the series of articles I’ve been working on and am moving into high gear with the The Black Teeth Adventure Module.

The Black Teeth – Adventure Module

At the end of this month or the beginning of the next depending on the art and layout the module will be completed. The adventure module will include four fully populated maps and some unique creatures and treasures. If it is completed within this time-frame it may be a part of a new promotion this year.

Another Hubpages article may be coming sooner than later as well. In the meantime, and speaking of promotions, here’s a 40% Off coupon for the Arvan: Land of Dragons setting PDF 266 pages of gritty unique high fantasy world!

Arvan: Land of Dragons PDF Coupons

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Due to good sales I’m able to extend this deal till the end of the month! So the code will remain active until then.

P.S. There will be a One-Day-Only April Fool’s Day PDF Sale!

Bizarre Beasties #11 – The Wolf-Bat

The Wolf-Bat, a fiendish beast resulting from the combination of a bat and a wolf. A new pregenerated monster for Dice & Glory that will definitely add a nasty surprise to any GM’s campaign. These murderous winged monsters are fresh from Hades.

I wondered what this combination would present then I added the fiendish template. I found the trademark of a similar image after. They appear as shaggy, black wolves with a greasy coat and the wings of bats on two legs instead of four. They fear the light and have a horrendously vicious bite. In addition, they are also pure chaotic evil.

Bizarre Beasties can be used at the discretion of Game-Masters to add variety to their game worlds easily and quickly. So that GM’s can drop the fully fleshed Wolf-Bat into game sessions immediately without any prep-work beyond reading the document. Finally, the Wolf-Bat is a great addition to any GM’s bestiary.

Bizarre Beasties #11 – 639k

Fiendish bat-winged wolves with a hellish bite!